An Evening With Orlando

by Orlando Gloom

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released May 17, 2016

songs i wrote to as a coping mechanism while attending graduate school

written/performed/produced by dave shaw

spoken word intro from 'falling behind' excerpted from a 1993 mckenna lecture called 'the taxonomy of illusion'



all rights reserved


Orlando Gloom Winnipeg, Manitoba

dark wreck

(previously camp david, glass random, real humans, etc.)

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Track Name: Hang In Life
u wouldn't believe me if i tried to give you my reasons for hanging on to life
and i couldn't tell u if i knew the myriad ways of forgetting 'past' and 'truth'

oh, i'm not the kind of person to be polite
so i'm not the kind of person that people like

u wouldn't believe me if i said 'i can never determine if i'm alive or dead'
'nothing is holding in its place'
'there's nothing convincing to me in time or space'

oh, i've tried to be a person but i just melt
if i'm not exactly a person i'm something else
Track Name: Nervous Conditions
i'm afraid of being loved
'cause i'm afraid what's in my heart is not enough
but you make me want to try
and hang with all the ghosts i'm supposed to keep inside

i'm afraid of being bored
so i'll take anything to let me stay indoors
but you make me want to leave
when i'm alone you are the only thing i need

it's a kind of a joke when i say 'i'm fortified'
it's a kind of a joke when i'm taking sides
it's a kind of a blur, but i'm staying overnight, right?
it's a kind of a blur, but i'm still alive.

i'm afraid of being wrong
i'm afraid i can't communicate at all
but you make that seem okay
u are the only thing i ever want to say
Track Name: Tongue-Tied
and i was tongue tied, yeah yr love was just the place to be
and i was so shy, but u know i didn't want to leave
and it was easy, i could tell you anything on my mind
it's so easy, to say 'i need u' when our tongues are tied

you're waiting for the right time
you're waiting for the smart investment
i'm hoping for a clear line
i'm hoping it'll all make sense at once

and u can be it all, you can be the lead between the lines
and u can see it all, you can see the light beneath the pines

you're waiting for a new day
you're counting down the hours till this one ends
i'll play it like i'm insane, it doesn't mean a thing and it all depends

on anything at all, yeah everything is counted one by one
so pin it to the wall, remember it when everything is done
Track Name: Crying Like A Man
do you remember the days when i gave 'a good god damn'
you'll never see me again, but will u miss it when i'm not around?

darling i'm trying to be a man, a serious man
darling i'm trying to understand, i'm making a stand

and when i'm smiling, i'm doing the best that i can
and when i'm crying, i'm crying like a man

can you tell me again why you never want to be alone?
you said: 'i thought we were friends, but you're never picking up the phone'
darling i'm keeping it underground, it's under the ground
darling i'm making my only sound, my only sound
Track Name: Falling Behind
i'm falling behind, i'm leaving it right where i need it
i'm always alive, but not as alive as i need it
and it falls, and it falls, and it falls apart again
and you call, and you call, and you call and it never ends

if nothing is real, well how am i supposed to feel?
cause nothing is real, but i need a way to deal.

there's nothing to prove,
i'm not going to lose myself thinking we don't get to choose.
we don't see our eyes when they're blinking.

and it flows, and it flows, and it flows around again.
and it goes, and it goes and it goes and you just pretend.

if nothing is wrong, then why do i just sing the same songs?
cause nothing is wrong, but nothing is left when i'm gone.

i love you to the max
i love you to the max
i love you to the max
i love you to the max
i love you to the max
i love you to the max
i love you to the max
i love you to the max